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The best ways to contact us is through Convo in our Etsy Shop

Alternatively you can email us here


  1. Hi I really like your idea however before ordering just a quick question. The picture on on your shop is obviously in a frame so is the print sizes the picture sizes to order.? For example if I order a 10 x 8 one do I get a 10 x 8 picture frame. Especially as I like the border around the main print. Thanks Denise Poole

  2. Please can you contact us in our shop where we will be happy to help : )

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  4. Hi,
    I have ordered a couple of things through you in the past. I wonder if you can do any custom work? I have a wedding picture that I want silouhetted in the background with words overtop? Please advise.

    1. Please can you message us in Etsy to discus further and so we can see the image in question?
      Once we hear from you we will try our best to assist :) x